Steven Mezynieski is the owner and proprietor of Driftwood Farms, a small farm and ranch near the New York hamlet of Orient, on the tip of Long Island. He owns Southampton Excavation and Property Development as well, which specializes in developing properties to fit in better with their natural surroundings. Mezynieski uses his experience creating a sustainable small business by reusing building and excavation materials to create an authentic and natural experience at Driftwood Farms for special events and visitors to enjoy.

Steven Mezynieski: Proprietor of Driftwood Farms

Steven Mezynieski has continued a tradition centuries in the making at Driftwood Farms. Settlers have been inhabiting the area for centuries, and on the very land that Mezynieski maintains for his farm, early American settlers also carved out a living at one with nature and its bounty. Today, you can house your horses there and ride them on the property or plan your next special event to be held on the beautiful grounds that lead right up to a 600-foot bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound. Driftwood Farms offers panoramic views of land, sea, and sky. It is also a full-functioning farm, producing privets and other crops. Mezynieski is happy to share some of his paradise with his community and with tourists the world over.

Steven Mezynieski: Proprietor of Driftwood Farms

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Steven Mezynieski hopes to continue the tradition of the first settlers in the area at Driftwood Farms by recycling materials and reusing what he can to create a pleasant experience for himself and his family, as well as all of his visitors in the area.