Steven Mezynieski is a business owner who offers snow removal during the winter months. In 2015, Mr. Mezynieski and a few of his employees traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to help with snow removal on interstate 95 with snow blowers and heavy equipment when they were in a State of Emergency. Mr. Mezynieski is experienced in large scale snow removal and has been contracted for several large commercial snow removal projects for many years. He has been involved in snow removal for the East Hampton Airport as well.

Steven Mezynieski: The Importance of Snow Removal

Snow removal is an essential part of public safety. When there is a heavy snowfall, the public may struggle to access the roads safely. Snow removal companies may be contracted to clear the roads before traffic increases. Proper snow removal can reduce the number of accidents caused by weather.

Steven Mezynieski: The Importance of Snow Removal

Commercial businesses may choose to contract snow removers as well. These professionals may be used to clear parking lots as well as back roads. Mr. Mezynieski has been offering the Hamptons snow removal services for many years. Steven Mezynieski is the owner of Southampton Excavation and Site Development and has spent years building his business. He serves his community and provides snow removal to various areas.