Steven Mezynieski was born and raised in Wainscott, New York, where his family practiced farming. His family has a long history of working in agriculture, tracing its roots to years before the Great Depression. During that time, the family was forced to sell off its farm in South Fork. Years later, Mr. Mezynieski decided to find land that would enable him to continue the farming legacy to his children. In 2012, the family purchased an old farm in Calverton, adding it to the family’s collection of land.

Steven Mezynieski: Rebuilding a Farm in Calverton

I like to see diamonds in the rough and make them diamonds,” he said.

The 43-acre piece of land neighbors the Windy Acres farm, and belonged to another family under whom it had remained unused for years. When the Mezynieski family took over, it was filled with garbage, a sore sight that many would have turned away from. However, the family was up for the challenge, and they cleared away much of the litter before re-cultivating the soil. Getting the land ready for growing was the top priority, with renovating the farmhouse coming later.

The Calverton property isn’t Steven Mezynieski’s first farming investment. Steven Mezynieski also operates Driftwood Farms, which is a fully functional farm that is known for its wholesale privet sales. They also raise cattle on the farm, but it’s privet hedge sales to buyers from as far as Nantucket, Massachusetts that has built up the farm’s reputation.

Like many before him, Steven Mezynieski looks forward to raising his children to embrace farming and continue the family legacy.